Why You Need to Belong

Your involvement ensures our ability to lobby against unnecessary legislation and regulation. The on- and off- sale beverage industry and the video lottery industry has become very sophisticated over the years; however, little knowledge of liquor and gaming laws is required when purchasing a licensed establishment. By becoming a member of the SB-LBDGA, you will have access to the latest industry information, any changes in laws, changes in liquor rules and regulations, and other pertinent information relating to the operation of a successful business. No individual licensee has the clout or the time to represent themselves in Pierre and in Washington, D.C. on a regular basis to fight the constant stream of detrimental legislation.
This association employs a lobbyist to ensure that we are represented at the State Legislature, and any other governing body that has control over policy and laws that affect our ability to conduct business in this highly regulated industry. We ask you to rely on us. You can’t fight city hall, state legislation, and federal control alone. SB-LBDGA represents hundreds of liquor and gaming licensees across the state, while maintaining the ability of helping members on an individual basis. The more support and active participation we receive from licensees, the stronger our association becomes and the more we can accomplish for you.


SD-LBDGA is constantly researching opportunities for new benefits and services to share with its membership. We currently offer the following:  
  • Keeping you informed by email alerts on local, state and federal issues
  • Behind the Bar: Online newsletter and price listing.
  • Educational opportunities: Server certification and up-to-date business trends.
  • Opinion and Information Exchange: Via quarterly association meetings, open to all members to express personal views and exchange business ideas with fellow business associates. Your voice can and will be heard.

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