Our professional legislative representation in Pierre and our grassroots communication is noted for several accomplishments:
  • Fighting legislation which lowers blood alcohol levels
  • Defeated a per drink liquor tax
  • Fought against the expansion of liquor licenses
  • Worked to protect the interests of retail liquor dealers in video lottery legislation
  • Extending the closing hours to 2.00 a.m. for on-sale and 12:00 a.m. for off-sale
  • Legalized the use of TV’s, radio and juke boxes in bars
  • Established a law to continue liquor licenses in towns where there is no longer a Post Office
  • Created law that provided penalties for minors attempting to purchase with a false ID
  • Removed the restriction that prohibited retail liquor dealers from being elected to local governments
  • Defeated a bill that would have allowed local governing bodies to refuse a license without stating a reason
  • Passed legislation that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages below wholesale cost for package stores
  • Legalized the use of coin-operated amusement devices in bars
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SB-LBDGA offers educational opportunities in the areas of serving beverage alcohol and the responsible serving of food. These classes help our industry manage the legal and safety issues that must be dealt with.


Ongoing communications with South Dakota governmental and law enforcement agencies keep everyone aware of the issues dealing with beverage alcohol.