SD Licensed Beverage Dealers & Gaming Association is excited to announce a new educational partnership with Rserving®, Professional Server Certification Corporation! All of the great offerings can be found at

Rserving® is the easiest, most affordable, and highest quality method of obtaining your certification. Rserving® (Responsible Serving®) offers food and alcohol certification / compliance training for bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and C-stores. Upon course completion, you will receive your official wallet card, or certificate. Rserving® is rated A+ by the BBB.

This opportunity is a more affordable and instant way to receive high quality alcohol certification. Alcohol training courses start at only $8.95 and there are employer discounts if you need trainings for more than one employee. 

The other great thing about this new partnership is that there are so many online interactive compliance training courses available to custom fit your establishment's needs. These classes include: 

  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol
  • Off-Premise Responsible Serving of Alcohol 
  • Responsible Serving of Tobacco
  • SD Food Safety for Managers Training 
  • SD Food Managers Recertification 
  • Food Safety for Handlers
  • Table Service/Hospitality Course
  • Bartender Mixology 
  • Advanced Wine Knowledge 
  • Liquor Knowledge