To provide and create educational programs, legislative monitoring and services to promote the good and welfare of licensed beverage holders and gaming.  To further the legal and economic development of the industry and for the mutual protection and benefit of the operators licensed by the state of South Dakota associated with the South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers and Gaming Association.  

Who We Are

The South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers and Gaming Association(SB-LBDGA) is a non-profit trade association governed by an Executive Board and District Board of Directors. Its primary function is that of serving and protecting YOU, the retail liquor licensed beverage holders and video lottery establishments.   The only effective way to protect the businesses in our industry is to join together in one united force.

     Retail and gaming businesses throughout South Dakota are members of SB-LBDGA. Taverns, nightclubs, restaurants, bowling centers, fraternal organizations, sports bars,casinos, grocery stores, convenience stores, and package stores comprise SB-LBDGA’s membership. The Licensed Beverage Dealers of SD was originally founded over 70 years ago by a group of concerned licensees who recognized the need for representation in this highly regulated and controlled business environment. It was apparent that the strength and voice of retail liquor dealers would best be heard and utilized through a trade group comprised of all on- and off- premise licensees.    In February, 2016, the South Dakota Lottery Establishments merged with the Licensed Beverage Dealers of SD, and are now known as the South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers and Gaming Association.  


  What We Offer

SB-LBDGA is constantly researching opportunities for new benefits and services to share with its membership. We currently offer the following:  


  • Keeping you informed by email alerts on local, state and federal issues
  • Behind the Bar: Bi-monthly online newsletter and price listing.
  • Educational opportunities: Server certification and up-to-date business trends.
  • Opinion and Information Exchange: Via quarterly association meetings, open to all members to express personal views and exchange business ideas with fellow business associates.
  • Active Involvement: Join committees, such as our Political Action Committee, where your opinions and ideas will be discussed and considered. Your voice can and will be heard.
  • Annual Convention, as well as Periodic Tradeshows: With the latest industry topics and newest ideas from our Allied Members.

  Why You Need to Belong to the SB-LBDGA

Your involvement ensures our ability to lobby against unnecessary legislation and regulation. The on- and off- sale beverage industry and the video lottery industry has become very sophisticated over the years, however, little knowledge of liquor and gaming  laws is required when purchasing a licensed  establishment. By becoming a member of the SB-LBDGA, you will have access to the latest industry information, any changes in laws, changes in liquor rules and regulations, and other pertinent information relating to the operation of a successful business. No individual licensee has the clout or the time to represent themselves in Pierre and in Washington, D.C. on a regular basis to fight the constant stream of detrimental legislation.

 SB-LBDGA employs a lobbyist to insure that we are represented at the State Legislature, and any other governing body that has control over policy and laws that affect our ability to conduct business in this highly regulated industry.   That is the significance of belonging to a trade association comprised of member legislative representatives, political action director, /lobbyist, and competent staff working on your behalf. We ask you to rely on us. You can’t fight city hall, state legislation, and federal control alone.

 SB-LBDGA represents hundreds of liquor and gaming licensees across the state, while maintaining the ability of helping members on an individual basis. The more support and active participation we receive from licensees, the stronger our association becomes and the more we can accomplish for you.

How Membership Dollars Are Spent

  Lobbying: 41.1% South Dakota Legislative and Federally through the American Beverage Licensees.


  • Education: 25.9% Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) and Convention Speakers, Professional Server New Owner/Manager
  • Dissemination of Information: 20.6% Behind the Bar online newsletter, Membership mailings


Membership Dues

A NON-DEDUCTIBLE lobbying percentage of 20% should be applied to ALL membership dues payments made by you to the South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers and Gaming Association during the calendar year 2020 in accordance with IRC-SEC 6033, as it relates to our lobbying expenses.   (The non-deductible lobbying percentage of 15% should also be applied to all membership dues payments by you to the South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers and Gaming Association during the calendar year 2021 in accordance with IRC-SEC 6033, as it relates to our lobbying expenses.)


What We Do

  The South Dakota Licensed Beverage Dealers and Gaming Association has been on the move over a total of 75 years between the two organizations working for the liquor and gaming industries..   Together, as one entity, we can become a stronger voice in Pierre to represent both  industries to help you as a business owner to move into the future and to insure your business remains viable.



 Our professional legislative representation in Pierre and our grassroots communication is noted for several accomplishments:


  • Fighting legislation which lowers blood alcohol levels
  • Defeated a per drink liquor tax
  • Fought against the expansion of liquor licenses
  • Worked to protect the interests of retail liquor dealers in video lottery legislation
  • Extending the closing hours to 2.00 a.m. for on-sale and 12:00 a.m. for off-sale
  • Legalized the use of TV’s, radio and juke boxes in bars
  • Established a law to continue liquor licenses in towns where there is no longer a Post Office
  • Created law that provided penalties for minors attempting to purchase with a false ID
  • Removed the restriction that prohibited retail liquor dealers from being elected to local governments
  • Defeated a bill that would have allowed local governing bodies to refuse a license without stating a reason
  • Passed legislation that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages below wholesale cost for package stores
  • Legalized the use of coin-operated amusement devices in bars



SB-LBDGA offers educational opportunities in the areas of serving beverage alcohol and the responsible serving of food. These classes help our industry manage the legal and safety issues that must be dealt with.



 Ongoing communications with South Dakota governmental and law enforcement agencies keep everyone aware of the issues dealing with beverage alcohol.    

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